Traces, Fragments, Remains / Traces, Fragments, Restes

20th and 21st Century French and Francophone Studies International Colloquium
The Georgian Terrace, Atlanta, GA
28-30 March, 2013


In a spirit of continued collaboration, Contemporary French & Francophone Studies /SITES opens its pages to colleagues presenting papers at the International Colloquium in 20th and 21st-Century French Studies.  All participants are invited to submit their papers. Authors of accepted essays must become subscribers to a full volume of CF&FS. They will receive 2 colloquium issues + 3 additional issues) at a 50% discount (see details below***).

Volume 18:3 and 18:4, 2013  
Published by Routledge  

Traces, Fragments, Remains / Traces, Fragments, Restes
Summer/Fall 2014
Roger Célestin,  Eliane DalMolin, editors. 
Stéphanie Boulard, Nora Cottille-Foley, Christophe Ippolito and Michael Wiedorn, guest co-editors.

The question of fragments is by nature one of enigmas. In the work of many contemporary writers, remains, or traces, are what guides our understanding of the world, bringing about writing and haunting the literary space. It is of course the real, which is discontinuous and fragmentary, that leads us to hermeneutics. Is not every narrative also, and a priori, a montage of fragments whose author has sought to interrupt its interrupting, erase its limits ? Writing would therefore be a thinking of forgetting, of interruption, of broken orders, of misunderstandings, of dislocations, of that which has come undone, of what the author remembers, the dream of the original and unique trace, which (s)he would seek to bring back, despite the trace’s resistance. We propose to reflect upon the originary trace, the unique and enigmatic trace that motivates the very gesture of writing, and to see exactly what might open up in this interval of writing where this trace remains irreducible and unnamable.
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